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Clearance of Mont Blanc Style Exotic Wood Pens


DSC00384This is my second set of 12 pens of the Round Top Euro style that typically sell for $35 – $45; I am clearing at $25 each. Please email if you would like to bulk buy for gift/award giving. Tis style of pen once I am sold out I will not be offering again. I make over 25 style of pens and some need to be discontinued. This style of pen however is a very popular pen style amongst many turners and pen users for it’s comfortable feel. The refill is a cross refill and available worldwide.

Starting from the left the woods are:

Dakota Burl (crushed oil sunflower seeds)
Curly Mango
DymaLux (stabilized dyed Baltic Birch Plys)
Spalted Maple
Red Palm
Maple Burl
Buckeye Burl

Thank you



Clearance of all my Mont Blanc style pens

I am Clearing Out All Mont Blanc style pens. These are called Euro Round tops and they take Cross refills, the easiest refill to find worldwide. The first batch are all acrylic bodies hand turned on the lathe and final polished with 12000 grit pads. These pens usually sell for between $35 and $45 and I am selling these and my other round tops for $25 each. Postage is $5.00 and I accept paypal or on-line money transfers. Please tell me the # you would like by starting on the left as #1. I will no longer be making this pen style and I would like to clear out about 45 of this style of pen. If you would like to bulk buy please contact me for pricing. Thank you.